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Working From Home – Personal Productivity

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This series has 23 short episodes (1 to 6 minutes each).

To see what topics are covered just hover over the picture for each session – a descriptor will appear at the bottom of the picture.

The material makes most sense in the order the sessions are presented – one idea builds on another.  But of course, feel free to watch those that grab your attention first. If you do watch them randomly, just be patient when we refer back to something from an earlier session you’ve not yet seen.

The first and last sessions are longer than the others because:

  • The first session helps review your current approach to working from home.
  • The last session gives a whistle-stop tour back through all the key messages we’ve covered.

Session 9 provides a mid-term review of your progress.

There are also two brief overviews about Coloured Square, what we do and how we work. These are blatant adverts though for people who may want to know more about us, so only click on these if you’re interested!

You can watch the first 4 sessions straightaway. Feel free to share links of them with colleagues and friends who you think might benefit from seeing them.

To proceed through the programme after this, you’ll be asked to register as a user. We’ll use this information to let you know about any further courses we make available in this manner. You can be sure though that we won’t use them for anything else, and we won’t share your personal details with anybody else.

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The first three lessons in this course are free to watch without registration. Please register to view all the lessons in this course (Free)