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  • Working From Home - Personal Productivity

    23 Lessons

    For many it looks like working from home is here to stay for a while. For most of us it can be quite a challenge in terms of personal productivity, resilience and our sense of well-being. 

    Here’s a short, practical series to help you identify small but powerful adjustments to the way you work. Ways which are all designed to make a positive difference.

    Sessions provide:

    • Small hits of information from neuroscience, and studies on well-being to help you understand what’s going on.
    • Common sense translation of theory into practical knowledge of what to do each day.
    • Simple, varied visuals to keep things interesting.
    • Quick reviews at the beginning and half way through the series to help you identify what you’re after, and how to get it.

    Give yourself more options and choices.

    Increase your confidence that you can solve the challenges you face.

    Be better armed to observe and learn more about yourself and how you need to be different.

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